Lyon @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel


 Lyon, the French restaurant inside Mandarin Oriental Hotel, offers all-you-can-eat brunch, for both a la carte and buffet menu.

Here is the menu for a la carte. 20141004_113133

1. Roasted Purebred Berkshire Pork with soft polenta and charcutiere sauce 20141004_114335

2. Free-Range Chicken Albufera with black truffle and macaroni au gratin 20141004_114345

3. Duck Foie Gras with salted beets – Riri is a big fan of foie gras, so he couldn’t resist from ordering a second round. The couple sitting next to us ordered 6 plates of foie gras; they are truly the huge fans of foie gras. 20141004_114418

4. Classic Farm Egg Florentine with smoked salmon 20141004_114451 20141004_114518

5. Rib of Lamb with potatoes and broad beans

20141004_1204126. Red Mullet Fillet with fava beans, violon courgette and chlorophyll 20141004_1204297. Roasted Black Angus Beef with pumpkin puree and watercress

20141004_120441The buffet section20141004_115157 20141004_115207 20141004_120609

Cheese and Dessert Buffet 20141004_121319 20141004_121338 20141004_121408

Kouign-Amann – It turns out that in Breton, Kouign means cake, while Amann means butter, so this dessert literally means butter cake. 20141004_121438 20141004_121511 20141004_121710

A la carte dessert: Praline Religieuse with salted butter caramel sauce 20141004_123001 20141004_123013

A simple black coffee to end the grandiose meal 20141004_124758