Ben’s Cookies

I was curious to try Ben’s Cookies since there was always a line whenever we passed by. 20141227_194604

I immediately jumped into the waiting line after I saw that the word “ginger”. FYI, that wasn’t my hand that pointed to the label. 20141227_194618

There were ten kinds of flavours: coconut, ginger & dark chocolate, white chocolate & macadamia, cranberry & white chocolate, milk chocolate praline, double chocolate & nuts, milk chocolate orange, dark chocolate chunk, and double chocolate chunk. 20141230_141718 20141230_141802

I ate the Ginger & Dark Chocolate cookie with a glass of warm fresh milk.

Look at the ginger candy in the middle and a triangle piece of dark chocolate. 20141231_090111

I bought two pieces of cookies for my bro who assured me that Ben’s Cookies is worth a try. I picked the Double Chocolate & Nuts by judging from the number of cookies left on the display.20141231_090700

This one below is the  Milk Chocolate Chunk20141231_090843


Anpan あんパン by Chef Riri

Anpan is a Japanese term for sweet bread filled with sweet red bean paste (anko). Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.27.04 AM

Chef Riri took the anpan to another level by adding jasmine tea and sesame. Chef Riri put a generous amount of homemade sweet red bean paste (anko) in each bread. The sweetness level of the anko was just right for me, but some of the red beans were still a little bit hard, maybe they should have been soaked longer or cooked longer. Overall, I love Chef Riri’s anpan, and it saved my tummy after a long flight.20140922_05533320140922_055505

Black Sesame Cookies


A surprised gift from Riri: Black Sesame Cookies. It is a type of soft baked cookies; the softness level is just right. Riri spilled his secret baking recipe, he used cake flour instead of all purpose flour. 20140907_203557-1Thatha likes black sesame more than white sesame, because black sesame has stronger nutty flavour. Black Sesame is called Kuro Goma in Japanese, and 黑芝麻 in Chinese. Thatha wanted to add Black Sesame Purin into Java Japa menu, but the cost will be too high. There are so many desserts can be made with black sesame, including: ice cream, mousse cake, madeleines, and so on. blacksesamemadeleines1 japanese_cuisine_pic7

I think Riri would love this black sesame macarons16129fbeca7e167b1d4f253846e49515

Fortuna Mie Sapi Taiwan


Fortuna is a Taiwanese restaurant that specialises in beef noodle. The owner is real Taiwanese, so the food is very authentic. I took my Taiwanese friends here, and they all said good. I have tried almost all of their menu, and I think they are all good. 

Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉麵 – You may substitute the yellow egg noodle with bihun (thin rice noodle) or kwetiau (flat rice noodle).


Mie Jajiang 炸醬麵20140907_120251

Kwetiau Jajiang 炸醬板條IMG_2063

Nasi Lo Ba 滷肉飯 (Braised Minced Meat with Rice) – Taiwanese most traditional rice dish. I’d like to try to make this dish one day using the recipe from Serious Eats.

Nasi Angsio Sapi 紅燒牛肉飯 (Braised Beef with Rice) 20140427_114633

Nasi Wu Siang Rou 滷味飯 (Chinese Five Spices with Rice) IMG_2061

Nasi Goreng Udang ala Taiwan 台式蝦仁炒飯 (Taiwanese Shrimp Fried Rice) IMG_4808IMG_0575

Kuotie Goreng (Sawi / Kucai) 鍋貼(大白菜/韭菜)Potstickers (Cabbage / Chive)

Ayam Goreng Katsu 炸雞排 (Fried Chicken) IMG_4810

Sup Bakso Ikan 魚丸湯 (Fishball Soup) IMG_2062The octagon glass is beautiful. 20140907_120201

They also sell homemade Liang Teh and soybean milk. 20140427_114001IMG_0570 IMG_0571

Saudagar Kopi

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then let these pictures speak thousands of words.

Part 1: Exterior20140602_09202420140602_101540 20140602_09203320140809_172543

Part 2: Interior 20140602_092140

20140809_180042 20140602_092250 20140602_092320 20140602_092332 20140602_09235420140602_09245520140602_09250120140602_09273520140602_092727

Part 3: Menu 20140602_09210320140602_09215420140602_09240820140602_092135

A different single origin coffee was offered when I came two months later. 20140809_180008

20140602_092833 20140602_092944 20140602_093451 20140602_094837 20140602_095628 20140809_173739 20140809_17445320140809_172856 20140809_175813 20140809_175954

Part 4: Barista in action

Note taken from Thatha about Saudagar Kopi:

  • Started in October 2013
  • Owner is from Bandung
  • The killer House Blend is a mix of Toraja Sapan, Padang, and Bali Natural
  • Single origini: Silimakuta
  • Round clock service
  • Bakmi Koji Bakso Goreng – both the bakso goreng (fried meatball) and the mie ayam (chicken noodle) are homemade. They also produced homemade srikaya (coconut egg jam)
  • Colenak Retro consists of three pieces of tape (cassava), topped with palm sugar. “Colenak” is another word for “tape bakar”
  • They offer two types of pisang goreng (fried banana): Pisang Tempura and Pisang Aroma. I tried the Pisang Tempura, where they cut a banana into three wedges and deep fry it. One portion has six wedges, which means they used two bananas.
  • Roti Bakar Baheula is kind of toast topped with condensed milk, margarin and sugar.
  • The decorations displayed are also for sale. Very smart.
  • Nearby coffee shops / cafe within walking distance: Oey Kopitiam, Rumate, Dr. Dre, Sabang 16, Eatology, Coffee World (inside Maxone Hotel)

Sabang 16 – Kopi & Srikaya

 Sabang 16 is famous for its kaya toast and local single origin coffee. The interior is quite interesting, a mixture of modern and oldies. There were collections of jokes on modern technology, as well as ancient housewares.

20140604_074957 20140604_07503420140604_07512620140604_07514520140604_075139

The first time I came here I ordered a cup of Kopi Tubruk made of Sidikalang coffee beans and Roti Srikaya Panggang.
The kaya toast looks very fluffy. I liked it. 
20140604_080936 20140604_081301 20140604_084831However, the second time I came here with Riri, I was extremely disappointed. I wanted to order Ginger Tea, but it was out of stock. Then, I wanted to order its famous Kaya Toast, but they also didn’t have it.

Kue Bugis

My mum asked me to buy some snacks for her arisan gathering, and I bought one for myself. Kue Bugis is one of Indonesian traditional cake, which adds to the entry I posted earlier on Indonesian Traditional Cake. I picked this cake because it looks cute, and I had never tried it before. The cake is wrapped in banana leaf in the shape of cone, which looks like a mini version of Caffe The Tha’s Nasi Gurih.


I thought the cake was in shape of cone, but turned out that the cake is round. 20140902_112750

Kue Bugis is made of glutinous rice flour and filled with coconut flakes that has been mixed with palm sugar.


This cake reminds me of another Indonesian traditional cake that looks like an ice cream cone called Clorot, which is hard to find. I went to Pasar Puri last week with Riri, but we didn’t find it. When I was a kid, my mum used to buy it from the wet market every Sunday morning. It’s fun to eat Clorot; you have to carefully unwrap the swirled coconut leaf (daun kelapa / janur). tumblr_mtetp62OT51qbjd7uo1_500

Stressed Snack Time

A gift from Riri: “Ekado” & “Emping” 20140901_081409

This snack is like a mini version of Caffe The Tha’s money bag filled with ebi, so crunchy and yummy. I love this snack, so I named it “Princess BEE” (Bebi Ebi Ekado).20140901_081435Carrefour also sells this type of snack.20140901_201052

The “emping” is a little bit hard to chew. 

Mooncake 月饼

The Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节 falls on September 8 this year. There is a tradition of gathering as family, enjoying full moon and eating mooncake on that day.

I saw this adorable elephant mooncake at Pacific Place Hong Kong.


There are two big categories of mooncake: baked and snowskin. Here is a general anatomy of baked mooncake. 20140831_072017

Here is an example of baked mooncake in an innovative shape. pig-moon-cake-1

Hello Kitty Mooncakes

Good Chen Hello Kity Mooncake 2012

Hello Kitty Baked Mooncake


Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncake Hello Kitty snowskin mooncake0

Indonesian version of mooncake (kue bulan): pia or bakpia. There are differences between Indonesian mooncake and Chinese traditional mooncake:

  • Fillings. Chinese traditional mooncake is filled with lotus seed paste, but it is more expensive and harder to find in Indonesia, so we replace it with variants of fillings: chocolate, cheese, durian, pineapple, cempedak (jackfruit) and many more.
  • Crust. The chewy crust of Chinese traditional mooncake is made of alkali (lye) water, thick sugar syrup (maltose), flour and oil, while Indonesian mooncake only use flour, oil and sugar so that the texture is more similar to puff pastry.
  • Color. The color of bakpia is white, but the traditional mooncake is reddish brown.

20140819_204149 20140819_204351 20140819_204430

Other regions in Indonesia also has its own version of bakpia; for instance, Bali has Pia Legong,  and Jogja has Bakpia Pathuk.