TomYum Kungfu


The ambience inside the restaurant before packed hours 20141229_191210 20141229_191418 20141229_191451

Creative light design

Tableware in front of each seat: wet tissue with restaurant branding, stainless steel duck spoon, pink-coloured disposable plastic sauce container, and small red bowl. 20141229_191220Vintage menu book 20141229_191518Special Set Menu, choice of Regular for 2-3 people or Large for 3-4 people. 20141229_191541

Add-Ons Menu: House Specialties 20141229_191551

Add-Ons Menu: Meat and Seafood 20141229_191557

Add-Ons Menu: Vegetables and Others  20141229_1916046 Soup base selections: Tom Yum Prawn, Tom Yum Kungfu Red/Clear, Fish Maw, Coconut, Green Chicken Curry, Green Fish Curry 
20141229_191609 20141229_191620

A La Carte Menu: Appetizer, Salad, Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Whole Fish, Hot Plate, Noodle & Rice   20141229_19163220141229_19162420141229_19163620141229_19164320141229_19164620141229_19165020141229_19165320141229_19165920141229_19170420141229_191721We ordered the set menu and Deep Fried Kang Kong.20141229_19284620141229_192650

The chilli added extra sensations to the whole meal. 20141229_193202

Singapore Local Food

What do you have first in your mind when you hear Singaporean food? My mum’s friend who lives in Singapore surprised us with so many varieties of food. 20141227_104022

Hainanese Rice 20141227_104110

Chicken Rice. The Hainanese rice is rich in flavour, very lovely, one of the best Hainanese rice I’ve ever tasted.  20141227_104357

Laksa – the signature, most recommended menu by mum’s friend. The laksa broth is very nice, but not enough spicy for me. One thing I don’t like is the clams. However, according to my mum’s friend, it is hard to find fresh clams in Singapore, it is seasonal. 20141227_104231 20141227_104657

Fish Ball Hor Fun Soup. The fish balls are fresh and bouncy. I like the packaging with colourful plastic straps.

Chow Mein. Not my favourite type of noodle. 20141227_104207

Fried Dough Fritters – you tiao (cakue), butterfly bun and spring roll. I am only familiar with the taste of you tiao (cakue), and this is my first time trying a butterfly bun, which is actually made of the same dough with addition of sugar. The spring roll consists of turnip or jicama only, nothing else, but it doesn’t have pungent smell like Lumpia Semarang. Sorry, I didn’t take close up picture of the spring roll. The spring roll is also known as Fried Popiah. 20141227_104246

Face Bar

Face Bar is one of favourite dating spots for Riri & Thatha in Jakarta. It’s a very nice venue except the music is too loud.
20141101_21480120141101_220650 20141101_214925 20141101_215924

Thatha challenged Riri to pick up a strawberry from the glass by using 2 straws. 20141101_224307

Nha Trang – Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

20140917_191023 20140917_191142

Hanoi Tomato and Crab Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu). Bun Rieu is a northern regional dish, not commonly served in other Vietnamese restaurant, consists of crab, dried shrimp, tomato and garlic soup as its core, added with minced pork, light mashed crabmeat silvers of scrambled egg, bean sprout, fresh shrimp balls and thin vermicelli rice noodles.  20140917_192108

Vermicelli Cake with Lemongrass Crusted Tofu (Banh Hoi Chay) is also not a common menu in any Vietnamese restaurant. Rice vermicelli cake (banh hoi) is a southern central Vietnam specialty, consists of a mass of fine strands of rice noodle, cut into squares, that are first steamed and then topped with flash-fried spring onion and deep fried garlic flakes, and are wrapped in lettuce leaf, mint and herb leaves and finally dipped in homemade fish sauce (nuoc nam). 20140917_192717 20140917_19284720140917_193013

Horapa Seafood & Thai Kitchen

Horapa is a Thai restaurant located in Menteng, which is a branch from Semarang. The word “Horapa” means basil in Thai. The facade of this restaurant is quite unique, symbolises authentic Thai cuisine.


It was empty when we dined there.



The smoking room is made of red bricks – the material my boyfriend likes the most. 20140808_193705


The Thai Iced Tea was really dark in colour, it tasted very nice.


We ordered these three dishes:

i. Toua Kegh Pao Kai Sap: stir-fried string beans with minced beef, garlic and anchovies. The flavour is just right.


ii. Pad Kra Pao: stir-fried ground chicken with basil. I love the crispy basil leaves on top of the chicken. 20140808_195022

iii. Hoey Thod Kratak Roon: stir-fried omelette with scallop, onion leaves and bean sprouts served with Thai sweet chilli sauce. I don’t really like the jelly part of this omelette, which is similar to Taiwanese Oyster Omelette (Ou A Cien 蚵仔煎), made of sweet potato starch.


Next time when I come here with my parents, I will try the crispy omelette – O Suan Krop, and Tom Yum soup that comes in a huge portion.




Taste ●●●●○

Hospitality ●●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●●●

Authenticity ●●●●○


Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●○○


Hoey Thod Kratak Roon (Omelette with Scallop) – small portion = Rp 45.000