Jakarta has Mangia Cafe on Panglima Polim, whereas Bogor has Mangiare Cafe & Resto. Mangiare is an old house in Bogor, which became famous as a pre-wedding photo venue. 20141216_141455 20141216_141505

Indoor Cafe 20141216_141751 20141216_141901 20141216_142157

Outdoor Cafe

20141216_141719 20141216_141831 20141216_141805 20141216_142258 20141216_141821

The Food

20141216_141608 20141216_142344 20141216_142556

Kumalawangi, Hotel Royal Amaroosa, Bogor

The ambience of the Royal Amaroosa Hotel made us feel like dining as royals. 20141218_141756 20141218_141651 20141218_141519 20141218_151812

The Christmas decoration made the ambience even more bright and cheerful. 20141218_141217 20141218_141540

The menu book looks very elegant, just like the interior design. The logo of this hotel, which is a cursive letter A, kind of resembles Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 20141218_141419

I ordered Nasi Timbel Amaroosa, a traditional Sundanese cuisine, which comes with rice wrapped in leaf, chicken, tahu goreng (fried tofu), tempe goreng, ikan asin (salted fish), kerupuk kampung, and a bowl of Sayur Asem. Before our order came, they gave each of us free soft roll and butter. I fell in love with the bun at the first bite. So soft, match with the name. 20141218_143050

I like the presentation of the Nasi Timbel, and the taste didn’t disappoint me too much. The rice is warm and fragrant. I didn’t really like the tofu, maybe they should substitute the yellow tofu with Tahu Yun Yi. The tempe was also not very good. The salted fish was very fluffy, quite special. 20141218_14361220141218_144107

It is quite creative to wrap the lalapan with leaf in cone shape, and to put the sambal in tomato. 20141218_14361820141218_143658I really love the chilli paste; not too spicy, but addicting. My friend said the secret ingredient for the this chilli paste is sugar. I requested for extra chilli, and the very friendly waitress came with a big portion of chilli and sweet soy sauce. 20141218_144226

The chilli was so tasty that even my friend who ordered Chicken Teriyaki also mixed the chilli onto the sweet Japanese grilled chicken. 20141218_143245

I finished all the chilli by spreading it onto my soft roll bun. I’m willing to come back here next time to try their other menu, maybe their lunch buffet that costs 160k/person. However, I was surprised to see the bill when they charged 2 cups of single espresso for an order of double espresso. 


Taste ●●●○○

Hospitality ●●●●○

Ambience ●●●●●

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●●○

Authenticity ●●●○○

Portion ●●●○○

Presentation ●●●●●


Chicken Teriyaki = IDR 72.000

2*Nasi Timbel = IDR 160.000

Earl Grey Tea = IDR 20.661

2*Single Espresso = IDR 42.000

Subtotal = IDR 294.661

Service Charge 10% = IDR 29.466

Government Tax (10% from subtotal after service charge)  = IDR 32.413

Grand Total = IDR 356.540

Mie Sahabat Yun Sin

Mie Sahabat Yun Sin is a legendary noodle shop in Bogor. According to our friend from Bogor, all other outlets already received halal certificate except this one on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman no. 12. 20140819_132355 20140819_132416

I had difficulties understanding the menu. There are so many pairings of noodle. 20140819_132456

Two bowls of Bakso Goreng for sharing. I prefer Bakso Goreng from Bakso Jenggot, Kelapa Gading. 20140819_133646

I ordered Mie Baso Tim (Noodle with Steamed Meatball). There are two kinds of noodle: sweet or salty. I picked salty one. There are also two kinds of meatball: halal or non halal.   20140819_13381620140819_133850

My brother ordered Mie Baso Pangsit (Noodle with Meatball and Wonton). The noodle is the same as mine, plus a bowl of baso and pangsit.  20140819_133845

My coworker ordered Mie Ayam Jamur, which is a bit different from my noodle. 20140819_133913

They sell so many kinds of snack. I bought Kerupuk Petis Udang since the colour is very pretty – pink pastel. 20140819_13311320140819_13312320140819_13305120140819_140138

The view of Bogor city from the back side of the restaurant. 20140819_132859

Transera Family Karaoke

Today, August 19, 2014, is the grand opening of Transera F-KTV in Ekalokasari Mall, Bogor. This is the fourth outlet. The first one is in Asia Tropis Bekasi, followed by the one in Transera Waterpark, and another recently opened outlet in Merdeka Residence Pontianak. Transera F-KTV is planning to open another 3 outlets, so there will be total of 7 outlets by the end this year. 

Two mascots from Transera Waterpark20140819_101550


An opening speech delivered by Mr. Thomas Effendy as the owner of Transera F-KTV  20140819_104311

Photo booth inside Transera F-KTV 20140819_102839 20140819_111105 20140819_114631

Motto of Transera: Serving with Our Best Services. Members of Transera family: Transera F-KTV, Transera Waterpark, Transera Hotel, Caffe The Tha, Barnival, and Iebe.  20140819_115637