Rumah Makan Tabona

I picked Tabona for Saturday lunch with Riri and my bro, which is located on Jalan Pluit Sakti Raya, near the famous noodle place Emie Acuan. According to Foursquare, this restaurant serves authentic Medan chicken and beef curry. 20141101_124700

Being the first timers to the restaurant, we were unsure of what to order since there’s no written menu. Apparently, the menu is extremely simple. There are two choices of meat for the curry: chicken or beef, and for the carbohydrate, you can choose either white rice or vermicelli. 20141101_125103 20141101_125726I was amazed that all tables for seating are made of aluminium, just like preparation table in hotel kitchens. 20141101_124831They put bottled beverage and dessert on each table. This Badak beverage is different from other Badak beverage I’ve seen. This one is Jali Jali, while normally people sell the Sarsaparilla. 20141101_130945 20141101_124850