Bakmi Naga Ny. Liong

It has been almost ten years since the last time I visited Sunter Mall. The mall is even smaller than the one and only mall in Pontianak. When I walked on the third floor of the Sunter Mall, I was intrigued to try Bakmi Naga Ny. Liong, which is the non-franchise version of Bakmi Naga. Although the restaurant is titled as Bakmi Naga, which literally means “Dragon Noodle”, but it offers many varieties of food other than noodle, which includes rice, congee, and stir fry meat and vegetables. I think Bakmi Naga belongs to Chinese restaurant category.  Since the restaurant is certified Halal, it captures large proportions of Muslim customers. When I had dinner there, many customers ordered fried rice for main course and Es Teler (Indonesian shaved ice) for drink. Some dined there with families, some dined alone after work like me. 20141113_181107

I ordered Nasi Tim (Steamed Chicken and Mushroom Rice). I like how they put big sized  mushrooms on top of the rice. The soup looks like water, but it is very rich in flavour. It has nice overall taste, but the rice is not soft enough. 20141113_181944 20141113_182041

I really like the interior with red brick wall on one side and vintage frames on the other side, with an old picture of Nyonya Liong in the middle. It gives customers deep nostalgic feelings. 20141113_181658 20141113_181136 20141113_181628

I love the wooden chairs, which clearly differentiate the franchised Bakmi Naga from the non-franchised Bakmi Naga Ny. Liong.

Both versions of Bakmi Naga use a gold or ceramic bucket to carry cutleries to customers’ table before meal is served. I wonder if any customer ever steal this bucket, because it is kind of unique. 20141113_18193120141113_183241


Taste ●●●○○

Hospitality ●●○○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●●○

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●○○○


Nasi Tim Ayam = IDR 18.000

Aqua 330 ml = IDR 5.500



Yesterday was Alex’s birthday, so we made a mini surprise party for him this afternoon. I bought the wrong candle, so there was only “2” on the cake. He turned 29 this year, but I bought the candles with number “27”. 
20140908_125305-1 20140908_125425

Alex treated us super late lunch at his restaurant, Siapakira. His restaurant serves Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. Judging from the black & white picture below, this restaurant was started in Semarang quite long time ago, maybe during Japanese colonial era. Alex wasn’t sure either, but he said it was closed for a generation before it is open again.  20140908_141249

Gado Gado Melayu – This is Pontianak-style gado-gado that you can hardly find in Jakarta. In Pontianak, this dish is called “Selada” (lettuce), and the famous legendary shop is located on Jalan Merapi. Unlike other gado-gado, this version of gado-gado only has one type of green vegetable: lettuce; moreover, unlike other gado-gado sauce that is made of peanuts, this sauce is made of ebi (dried shrimps).

Udang Petai Bunga Pepaya. I love udang (shrimp), I love petai (stinky bean) and I love bunga pepaya (papaya flower). So, I love this dish! 20140908_143229

Udang Remah (Shrimp Flakes). I couldn’t stop eating the mysterious flakes. I couldn’t guess what it was made of. I thought it was salty egg with serundeng (grated coconut flakes), but Alex said it wasn’t.20140908_144833

Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan Lais (Sour & Spicy Fish Head Soup). This one is Tina’s favourite dish. She finished the bowl on her own. She loves fish head and sour taste. 
Ayam Seroendeng (Chicken with Grated Coconut Flakes) 


We wanted to eat Pakis, but it was out of stock, so Alex replaced it with Tumis Kangkung.

Other than serving Indonesian and Chinese food, Siapakira also sells bread and ice creams. IMG_5031

Es Lilin (Candle Ice) is a traditional ice cream, similar to popsicles, which comes in many interesting flavours: durian, ketan hitam (black glutinous rice), rujak, alpukat (avocado), kelapa (coconut), sirsak (soursop), nangka (jackfruit), kacang merah (red bean), kacang hijau (mung bean), and so on. I’d like to take Riri here, and I know which flavour he would pick. Could Riri guess which flavour Thatha would pick? 20140908_151509



Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●●●●

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●●○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●●○


Gado Gado Melayu = IDR 27.500

Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan Lais = IDR 45.000

Ayam Seroendeng = IDR 27.500

Udang Remah = IDR 65.000

Udang Petai Bunga Pepaya = IDR 35.000

Tumis Kangkung = IDR 22.500