Quirky Findings in Little Tokyo, Melawai, Blok M



Bali Heritage Reflexology & SPA 

Who dares to try their extreme massage styles using balls, from the smallest to the largest balls (golf, billiard, tennis, football)20141129_20162420141129_20160420141129_201644 20141129_201613

They even offer something larger than balls: water gallon! 20141129_201556

Other than balls, they also make use of food and beverage, such as red wine and strawberry ice cream20141129_201621 20141129_201724

If all of the above sound too common, maybe you should let the clown or the sumo to do the massage for you. 20141129_201738 20141129_201750

La Moutte


Varieties of Japanese purin (pudding), including information on calories 20141129_200704 20141129_200710

I bought the no.1 bestseller: Pudding Namareka – 276 Cal/100g. 20141129_200745

I also bought the Graham (whole wheat toast) – 248Cal/100g. The bread is very petite, much smaller than bread from other bakery. 20141129_200928 20141129_201022


Daitokyo is one of authentic Japanese cuisines in Little Tokyo, Melawai, Blok M. 20141129_185316The restaurant has many private rooms, but it was all reserved when we arrived. 

There is also a tatami private room.

We sat at the bar seating which face directly into the kitchen. 20141129_20050020141129_185625

The menu book is huge. 20141129_185646 20141129_185657

Apparently, this restaurant is part of a big group, Daisei Group, who owns many other brands, including Kira Kira Ginza (right next to Daiktokyo), Yellowfin, Jurin, Ramen 38, and a Japanese bakery La Mouette20141129_185736

We ordered a glass of sake. 20141129_190259

Nankotsu Karaage – chicken cartilage 20141129_191840

Gekikara Age Tofu – I love the crunchy garlic and chilli toppings 20141129_194146

Yaki Tofu Chanjya – the topping was a bit strange, tasted kind of like a mixture of jelly fish with something else. I did research afterwards. It turns out that “Chanjya” is Korean style dish, made of stomach of codfish. 20141129_191432

Tsukune – one of Riri’s favourite 20141129_194513

Yaki Tori Don – The rice set consists of all chicken parts, including skin and liver. I prefer chicken meat only. 20141129_191817The menu is very creative, uncommonly seen in other Japanese restaurants. Sadly, they do not have Tamagoyaki. I was a little bit annoyed when there was suddenly a cat inside the restaurant.

Wooden plates decoration in front of the restaurant, which I also implemented on Java Java.



Taste ●●●○○

Hospitality ●●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●○○

Hygiene ●●●●○

Authenticity ●●●●○

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●○○○


Nankotsu Karaage = IDR 33.000

Tsukune = IDR 25.000

Yaki Tofu Chanjya = IDR 45.000

Gekikara Age Tofu = IDR 28.000

Yaki Tori Don = IDR 60.000

Sake = IDR 90.000

Subtotal = IDR 281.000

5% Service Charge = IDR 14.050

PB1 10% = IDR 29.505

Total = IDR 324.555

Remboelan – Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurant

The gorgeous interior design makes us feel like dining in the moon, just like the brand name Remboelan, which means moon. 20141007_17425220141007_174256

The two menu book: the red one is for appetizers & main courses; the blue one is for desserts & beverages. 20141002_18500320141002_185008

Teh Poci Jawa

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)20141002_191816

Nasi Bakar Roa (Baked Rice with Smoked Flying Fish) & Sate Campur (Mixed Chicken & Beef Satay) 20141002_192248

Es Cendol Tape – shredded ice with cendol, fermented cassava, jackfruit, coconut milk and gula jawa. 20141002_194213

Makies Tape Semarang – crispy fermented cassava sandwich topped with kopyor ice cream and peanut 20141002_194738

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe is a new Japanese Italian restaurant in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. 20141007_17514220141007_17521520141007_175406

Free bread and butter appetizer 20141007_184127

Drink Menu

Food Menu (Final Design). It was funny that my friend got the fully coloured menu book, whereas I got the draft version. 20141007_183550

Food menu (Draft)20141007_175646

For drink, I tried the Cucumber Peach Cocktail, which is made of Kyuri Cucumber Spirit, Lemon, sliced peach, sliced cucumber and Tonic Water.

For appetizer, we shared Yellowtail Carpaccio in Vegetable Chili Sauce. The fish was too fishy, so we didn’t finish this dish. Btw, I have exactly the same square glass plate as this one. 20141007_184440

For main course, I ordered Spaghettini in Garlic Oil with Spicy Cod Roe and Japanese Mushroom. I really liked the spaghettini, seaweed flakes and mushroom, but the cod roe wasn’t spicy at all and it was too fishy. The waiter was kind enough to give me a small glass of chilli flakes since I ordered extra spicy. 20141007_185306

Mamma Rosy


Caprese Salad. I was surprised that someone actually likes this appetizer a lot. I didn’t find it interesting, as it only contains tomato and mozzarella cheese, served with pesto sauce.

Pasta Menu. There are selections of dry and fresh pasta. For dry pasta, you may select the cooking option: “normal” or “al dente”, just like choosing the steak doneness. Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.48.39 AM

Angel Hair (Capellini) Aglio Olio. I fell in love with this dish, although at first I was scared to see the amount of parmesan cheese topping. 20140913_195926

Risotto Fontina Special with Fontina cheese, champignon mushrooms and black Italian truffle. I think this is the best risotto I’ve eaten. It’s wetter (oilier) than risotto in other Italian restaurants in Jakarta. 20140913_200151

Tangliatelle Carbonara20140913_200215

Pizza Golosa Pork – mozzarella, bacon, chicken, egg, truffle and mushroom cream, parmesan, black pepper, chilli oil. This was recommended by the waitress, and I think it was a good choice. I like the crispy crust. 20140913_200531

Tiramisu – a sweet ending to our big meal  20140913_205002

Interesting Mocktails Menu: “Jokowi Smile“. It is called “Guobernur Smile” on the website. 20140913_194824 Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.46.13 AMI picked Oranjeboom Premium Bee since I never drank it before, and I liked it, a little sweet.

oranjeboomI had dinner at with these two pink shirt guys. What a cute couple (the two pink-shirt guys / Riri & Thatha?) 20140913_19562620140913_195149Mamma Rosy is located in a two-storey house in Kemang. The dining area is all open air, which saves lots of electricity. According to the website, Mamma Rosy Restaurant was established in 1948 by an Italian family, and it has served for three generations. When I peeked into the kitchen on my way to restroom, I saw European some cooks inside. Maybe this is the reason why all of our orders were served very quickly, which amazed all of us.    


Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●

Hygiene ●●●●○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●●○


20140915_105721 copyI think the term “service charge” and “tax1” on the bill is supposed to be the other way around.

Pasar Santa


Pasar Santa is redesigned to relocate Pedagang Kaki Lima “PKL” (street vendors). The building has three floors, consists of 1.151 kiosks, each kiosk is 2*2 m.  20140830_163322 20140830_163501

We stopped by at this petit coffee shop run by a foreigner called Obsessive Coffee Disorder (OCD). 20140830_16405920140830_163831

The menu is very simple, it is written on a narrow blackboard.
20140830_163853 20140830_163904We had a glass of Cold Brew Tea (left, light brown) and a glass of Cold Brew Coffee (right, dark brown). The cold brew tea is composed of tea from nitrogen machine, ice cubes, fresh lime, and simple syrup. The cold brew coffee is shaken with ice cubes and simple syrup.

While making our orders, the owner / barista told us story of how he started this business and the variants of drinks available. Everything is handmade in his shop, including the bar table, ceiling, and so on. The takeaway paper cup is hand-stamped with OCD logo. The owner said that it is his family project, in which all members of his family are involved in the process. So sweet. He inspired me to have my own couple / family project in the future. 20140830_163855 20140830_164724 20140830_164811

There are two other coffee shops: A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD) and Gayobies Kopi.20140830_16351820140830_164834 20140830_16484220140830_163533 20140830_16485820140830_16364420140830_163552

Pasaraya Blok M

It was my first time going to Pasaraya Blok M. The purpose our my visit was to find batik for my mum’s birthday, but turned out we spent more time looking for Riri’s batik, eating lunch, and grocery shopping.

On the third floor, you can find handicraft, souvenirs, paintings, puppets, cravings, silverware, gems and jewelries.


The “congklak” (mancala) board shape is different from regular ones. I’d like to buy this traditional game and “angklung” (traditional music instrument) for displays in Java Japa. 20140830_133056  20140830_144556

I like the table lamp with batik pattern. The wayang table lamp is also nice, but I’m scared of wayang. 20140830_144914

On the second floor is dedicated to Batik Indonesia, where you can find exotic batik from all over Indonesia, from various brands, including Danar Hadi, Batik Keris, etc.

LG floor is my favourite floor, which has Pasar Kopi Indonesia, Kresna BaliDapuRaya, and Bali Gourmet.20140830_154006 20140830_145229 20140830_145243


There’s also another vendor selling coffee from Toraja, as you can see clearly from the miniature of Toraja’s traditional house. 20140830_153723Kresna Bali reminds me of Krisna Shops in Bali.   20140830_153415 20140830_153425

Bali Gourmet is a grocery store with many import items. I like how it has sections of Fresh Produce, Fromage (Cheese) and Butcher Shop with its own unique decoration. 20140830_145306 20140830_154129 20140830_154217

There’s seating area near the CDF bakery of Bali Gourmet.20140830_145312

We bought pretty Batik gift box from this gift wrap store in front of Bali Gourmet called Buntel Kado. 20140830_153730

I’d like to take my mum here, and I’m sure she could spend entire day on the second and third floor.


DapuRaya is a food court inside Pasaraya Blok M. It is huge. At a glance, it is similar to Eat & Eat, but after you look closer, the two food courts have their own characteristics.  20140830_145334

I really love the interior. The ceilings and pillars look very artistic. Each section has its own interior theme, such as colourful windows on the ceiling, umbrellas on the ceiling, bird nests on the ceiling, batik lanterns, batik fabrics as wall decoration and red brick walls (Riri’s favourite interior material). 20140830_14534220140830_14552920140830_15061820140830_14575520140830_15324120140830_150337

This food court offers various Indonesian cuisine from Sabang to Merauke. The vendors in booths mainly sell main course, and the vendors using carts mostly sell snacks and desserts. There are total of more than 50 vendors. Wow! 20140830_14563420140830_145426

This dessert cart is quite interesting, as all the serving bowls look like real  coconut shells.  20140830_145542 20140830_145554

You need to purchase vouchers before doing any transaction inside this food court, and you may refund if there is extra vouchers. Eat&Eat use the card system with deposit, and you may top up when the balance is inadequate. 20140830_150531For appetizer, I ordered Tahu Gejrot. The method of making Tahu Gejrot is still very traditional, just like in its birth place – Cirebon. Unfortunately, the tofu is not served on clay plate.


For main course, I ordered from Soto Kwali Damar Hadi. There are two options of meat: beef or chicken. I picked chicken soup.


The batik fabric makes the preparation trays look elegant. 20140830_151105

Riri had a hard time deciding what to eat since there were too many options. Thatha recommended Nasi Goreng Kebuli although she had never tried before. The rice is fried with “minyak samin” (Indians call it Ghee), topped with lamb and raisins.  20140830_151438

Riri tempted to order Kolak Durian (durian and sticky rice in a thick coconut milk gravy) since he is a big fan of this king of fruit.


I like how the whole dessert bowl was fresh, didn’t taste artificial and the sweetness level was just right. The coconut milk wasn’t greasy, and the durian wasn’t smelly at all. I like the sticky rice. 20140830_15192920140830_152352