Pasar Santa


Pasar Santa is redesigned to relocate Pedagang Kaki Lima “PKL” (street vendors). The building has three floors, consists of 1.151 kiosks, each kiosk is 2*2 m.  20140830_163322 20140830_163501

We stopped by at this petit coffee shop run by a foreigner called Obsessive Coffee Disorder (OCD). 20140830_16405920140830_163831

The menu is very simple, it is written on a narrow blackboard.
20140830_163853 20140830_163904We had a glass of Cold Brew Tea (left, light brown) and a glass of Cold Brew Coffee (right, dark brown). The cold brew tea is composed of tea from nitrogen machine, ice cubes, fresh lime, and simple syrup. The cold brew coffee is shaken with ice cubes and simple syrup.

While making our orders, the owner / barista told us story of how he started this business and the variants of drinks available. Everything is handmade in his shop, including the bar table, ceiling, and so on. The takeaway paper cup is hand-stamped with OCD logo. The owner said that it is his family project, in which all members of his family are involved in the process. So sweet. He inspired me to have my own couple / family project in the future. 20140830_163855 20140830_164724 20140830_164811

There are two other coffee shops: A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD) and Gayobies Kopi.20140830_16351820140830_164834 20140830_16484220140830_163533 20140830_16485820140830_16364420140830_163552