The Tale of Two Gado-Gado Vendors

In this entry, I’d like to present two vendors of gado-gado. The first one is a legendary vendor in Kelapa Gading (where Thatha grew up), and the second one is famous in Puri (where Riri grew up).

1. Gado Gado Lely, Kelapa Gading. Ibu Lely is the one sitting at cashier table, wearing purple t-shirt.


The food and drink menu are quite extensive. The food menu is quite interesting, such as Rujak Banci (banci means sissy). 20140822_124631

The gado gado uses a quite unique ingredient: jantung pisang20140822_12472020140822_124900

I saw cincau hijau on the drink menu, so I ordered it since it’s one of Riri’s favourite traditional Indonesian drinks but I have never tried it before. 20141009_130020

2. Gado Gado Bu Bietje, Puri Indah. According to some sources, Bu Bietje started selling gado gado about 20 years ago. I really liked the peanut dressing, as well as the very fresh boiled vegetables. Sadly, there isn’t any emping20140823_144324

It was so refreshing to drink fresh coconut after eating gado gado. I like drinking the water, but I’m too lazy to scrap the flesh. 20140823_143945


Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan

It’s amazing that Jembatan Lima has so many food stalls and kiosks that serve authentic Pontianak or Kalimantan cuisine. One of them is Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan. There are many options of nasi campur (Chinese mixed rice) on this street, such as Yung Yung 99 and Acong 36 [it’s funny how Chinese like to include lucky numbers in its brand name], but I read from reviews that AFA offers the best one. You can easily notice the bright orange and yellow colour when you pass Jl. Krendang Raya.


Wow! They are very generous in the portion of meats per serving.

Meat type 1: Crispy Roast Pork – I love the crispy part the most, and I’m happy that the fatty layer is very thin. 20140901_124032Meat type 2: Char Siu – flaming red colour 20140901_124043

Meat type 3: Roast Chicken 20140901_124036

I rearranged the plating. I enjoyed eating every composition of this nasi campur, including the “sayur asin” (salty veggie), the soup that tastes like “Ang Kak” (Red Goji) chicken broth with a touch of ginger, and the Pontianak style “sambal terasi” (chilli paste). 20140901_124110

I managed to clean my plate. I never felt as carnivore as right now. 20140901_125637To accompany my food, I had a glass of homemade soybean milk – no sugar, no ice. 



Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●●

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●●

Presentation ●●●●○


Nasi Campur = IDR 27.000

Soybean milk = IDR 5.000

Bubur Ayam Khas Brebes Bang Jaya

Unlike other street congee vendors, Bubur Ayam Spesial Brebes Berhias (Bang Jaya), is located in a “ruko” (building) with seating area in Pesanggrahan, Puri Indah. 20140830_200801

The cart size is bigger than the size of usual mobile street congee vendors. 20140830_201154There’s an interesting menu: “Bubur Ga Pake Ayam” (Porridge without Chicken). They also offer delivery with an extra charge of IDR 5.000.


They offer many kinds of satay, including “Telur Muda” / “Uritan” (Young Egg / Unfinished Egg), which is an egg is taken out of a hen but hasn’t fully formed. 20140830_200250

I ordered Bubur Ayam 1 Porsi (Full portion of chicken congee). This chicken congee is indeed very special. The soup broth is very tasty, the chicken is flavoured and the congee is thick. 20140830_200259

Also, the chilli is spicy. 20140830_200341   Although the serving bowl looks expensive, but the food price here is actually very reasonable compared to its quality. 20140830_201159


Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●○○○

Ambience ●●●○○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●●○


Bubur Ayam 1 Porsi = IDR 13.000

Aqua botol =  IDR 4.000