Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan

It’s amazing that Jembatan Lima has so many food stalls and kiosks that serve authentic Pontianak or Kalimantan cuisine. One of them is Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan. There are many options of nasi campur (Chinese mixed rice) on this street, such as Yung Yung 99 and Acong 36 [it’s funny how Chinese like to include lucky numbers in its brand name], but I read from reviews that AFA offers the best one. You can easily notice the bright orange and yellow colour when you pass Jl. Krendang Raya.


Wow! They are very generous in the portion of meats per serving.

Meat type 1: Crispy Roast Pork – I love the crispy part the most, and I’m happy that the fatty layer is very thin. 20140901_124032Meat type 2: Char Siu – flaming red colour 20140901_124043

Meat type 3: Roast Chicken 20140901_124036

I rearranged the plating. I enjoyed eating every composition of this nasi campur, including the “sayur asin” (salty veggie), the soup that tastes like “Ang Kak” (Red Goji) chicken broth with a touch of ginger, and the Pontianak style “sambal terasi” (chilli paste). 20140901_124110

I managed to clean my plate. I never felt as carnivore as right now. 20140901_125637To accompany my food, I had a glass of homemade soybean milk – no sugar, no ice. 



Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●●

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●●

Presentation ●●●●○


Nasi Campur = IDR 27.000

Soybean milk = IDR 5.000