Benton Junction, Karawaci

Benton Junction is an outdoor area packed with different kinds of restaurants and cafes. 20141212_122602

The facade design of restaurants in Benton Junction kind of resembles the scenery in Bergen, Norway. Here are photos of restaurant facade in Benton Junction. 20141212_12271120141212_134908

And here is a scenery of Bergen, Norway.

Day’N’Nite is a 24-hour Convenient Store located in Benton Junction. This convenient store feels so special compared to excessive convenient stores in Jakarta, in terms of design and variety of goods sold.


Some of the items we can barely find in mainstream convenient stores: Cokoten, Oreo original from Japan, PUYO, Kit Kat original from Japan, and Nano Nano Salsa.


They even sell beer on tap, maybe due to high density of Korean population in the area. 20141212_134623

I like the outdoor seating area of Poka-Ribs, a combination of blue and white, just like Caffe The Tha that resembles Santorini.  20141212_122406

There is a newly opened food truck selling milkshake nearby Poka-Ribs. 20141212_12241220141212_122348

This pizza shop has a very eccentric brand name: Panties Pizza20141212_122459Benton Junction allows us to travel around the world in just one destination. There are  Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and of course Indonesian restaurants.

You may start your imaginary trip to Hungary via Lady Alice Tea Room to try a unique Hungarian dessert, chimney cake. 20141212_133742

If the chimney cake is not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you may continue travelling to Spain via Andereyo Churreria & Chocolatteria. Try one of signature Spanish desserts: churros.  20141212_122515

After having enough sweets from Andereyo, you may fly to India via Taal Indian Restaurant. Try some Indian cooking with lots of exotic spices.  20141212_133724You might compare Indian curry in Taal with Japanese curry in Karei-Ya

20141212_134836 20141212_134929

To neutralize your curry meal, you might try another type of Japanese cuisine in Go Yen20141212_122436 20141212_122432

For all K-Pop lovers, you may then fly to Japan’s neighbouring country, Korea, via WooriThis Korean restaurant does not only offer traditional homecook dishes, but also BBQ. 20141212_133735

You may then visit China via Dim Sum Incwhere you can enjoy dim sum with beer, which is open for 24 hours. 20141212_133719

Tired of travelling far? You may just fly to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, via Lau’s Kopitiam or PappaJack. 20141212_13430120141212_135004

Home sweet home. Enjoy local comfort food at Betawi Kitchen.


UPH Brings My Memory Back to Madison

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) is indeed a very beautiful campus located in Karawaci. Looking at some groups of students chit-chatting at Starbucks, having lunch at the food court, studying for exams, playing basketball at the gym – all of those scenes made me realize how much I miss my university life back in Madison, Wisconsin. 20141212_123238

The campus has a bookstore, Books & Beyond, located inside a giant glass building, and accompanied by one the most favourite coffee shop in town, Starbucks20141212_122543

Starbucks is packed with groups of students and some faculties during break time.

Christmas tree made of recycled bottles. 20141212_123330

The campus cafetaria that looks like food court at shopping malls.  The food ranging from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western. I wish my office compound has this kind of food area.

20141212_123400 20141212_123412 20141212_123442  20141212_123625

Some of the boys were playing basketball during lunch time. 20141212_123556

What a nice place to find some inspiration or chillax with friends.

20141212_124106 20141212_124141

A peaceful spot to study before exams. 20141212_124235