The simplest, yet the sweetest Valentine’s Day

Riri & Thatha spent Valentine’s Day in Riri’s house. Baking and Cooking is the theme of the day. The menu for baking is Chai & Matcha Choux a la Chantilly, and the menu for cooking is Japanese Hambagu with Raspberry Wine Sauce and Miso Soup.

Choux a la Chantilly (Craquelin) 

First of all, Riri made two cookie doughs, the brown one is chai and the green one is matchaIMG_2491Then, Riri and Thatha made the choux pastry. IMG_2490

Place the cookie doughs on top of choux to create “cranklin” crust at the top. IMG_2492Put in the oven. IMG_2494Tadaaa…!!! They are puffing up. Look how chubby these babies are. IMG_2495

Take them out of the oven. IMG_2500 IMG_2499The two flavours of Choux a la Chantilly: Matcha (round) and Chai (oval). IMG_2512

The special heart shaped cream puff with mixed of matcha and chai. IMG_2507

Japanese Hambagu

The cooking begins. We tried to make heart shaped hamburg with a mix of beef and pork, but turned out differently. Riri magically created a perfect sauce for the hamburg. Balance of sweet and sour. IMG_2503The miso soup created extra sensation. The seasoning was just right.
Add MediaIMG_2506Thank you Chef Riri for the fantastic lovely hearty dinner. I love you more and more.

Cute Valentine’s Gift

IMG_2524 IMG_2525

Five different designs in a box IMG_2526

Out of the five illustrations, I like this one the most. It looks a bit like Riri and Thatha. This could be a cute wedding souvenir, just need to personalise the illustration. (*wink)IMG_2527

Birthday Cake for Riri’s Mum

Today I placed an order of Cottony Cheesecake birthday cake from Mary’s Pastry Lab. I chose this cake since Riri’s dad said he really liked the Tokyo Banana and wished that he had bought more from Japan. Riri said that his mum likes orchid, so I requested for orchid decoration on the cake. I practiced making a birthday card just like the illustration below, but I’m not sure if I can make as pretty as the example. Slide1

Here is the final presentation of the cake. I’m quite satisfied with the look, and I hope that Riri’s parents liked the cake. IMG_1137Riri’s dad took picture of a slice of the birthday cake with a glass of Cafe 21 2in1 Instant Coffeemix. My aunt introduced me and my mum to this Singaporean instant coffee, so I bought it for Riri’s dad since he likes coffee too. IMG_20150125_174254

Chef Riri Weekend Cooking Show

1. Indomie Carbonara. Chef Riri added a new sensation to a boring instant noodle by adding an egg into the soup broth, so that it is creamier just like spaghetti carbonara. For finish touch, Chef Riri topped the noodle dish with crispy garlic chips and super spicy Thai chilli flakes. I bet you cannot find this dish anywhere else. Maybe Chef Riri should open a food stall called Warung Indomie Mr. Riri to compete with the existing Warung Indomie Abang Adek.


2. Japanese Katsu Curry. Curry is one of Chef Riri’s favourite dishes. For the curry, Chef Riri used these three secret ingredients: S&B Premium Dinner Curry from Japan,  Citrus Togarashi 柚子七味 from Japan and Curry Salt 咖喱盐花 from Taiwan. 

Cooking the curry. 20141011_152133

Making the layered katsu. Chef Riri succeeded in making layered katsu for the first trial, maybe after a while Chef Riri can compete with Kimukatsu20141011_153255 20141011_153956 20141011_185544Tadaaaa… Here is the masterpiece.

20141011_190944 20141011_191007

  3. Speedy Teriyaki. No marinade. Chef Riri poured these several key ingredients into the frying pan: sautéed onion, mirin, rice wine, Kikkoman soy sauce, black pepper, sugar, and citrus togarashi. 20141012_120828

4. Breakfast Casserole. There were only two elements in this dish: potato (2) and egg (4). First, Chef Riri shredded the potato and stir fry it with seasoning. Lay the potato on the baking dish, pour beaten eggs on top. Bake it for about 15 minutes. 20141012_082249

Chef Riri added love potion in all of his cooking, which caused Thatha’s appetite to increase by multiple times. I have to admit that Chef Riri is talented since he didn’t look at recipe while cooking, everything is in his head. People say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Thatha is lucky enough to have Chef Riri  who got to Thatha’s heart from her stomach.

Happy 13th Monthversary


Today (September 24, 2014) is Riri’s and Thatha’s 13th Monthversary. Riri surprised Thatha by coming to Thatha’s office. Even more surprising, Riri brought 4 pieces of homemade Ichigo Daifuku – mochi filled with red beans and fresh whole strawberry. I fell in love at the first bite. 20140924_17371820140924_173840

Riri didn’t stop giving surprise. He bought 3 stalks of white roses. I just found out the meaning of three stalks of white roses; the colour white symbolizes happy love, while the number three represents “I Love You“. Here is a guide to find out the meaning of colours and numbers of roses.
20140924_211646-1 20140924_211715Thank you, Riri!!! You made me feel like I’m the happiest girl in the world. Muah.

Anpan あんパン by Chef Riri

Anpan is a Japanese term for sweet bread filled with sweet red bean paste (anko). Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.27.04 AM

Chef Riri took the anpan to another level by adding jasmine tea and sesame. Chef Riri put a generous amount of homemade sweet red bean paste (anko) in each bread. The sweetness level of the anko was just right for me, but some of the red beans were still a little bit hard, maybe they should have been soaked longer or cooked longer. Overall, I love Chef Riri’s anpan, and it saved my tummy after a long flight.20140922_05533320140922_055505

Black Sesame Cookies


A surprised gift from Riri: Black Sesame Cookies. It is a type of soft baked cookies; the softness level is just right. Riri spilled his secret baking recipe, he used cake flour instead of all purpose flour. 20140907_203557-1Thatha likes black sesame more than white sesame, because black sesame has stronger nutty flavour. Black Sesame is called Kuro Goma in Japanese, and 黑芝麻 in Chinese. Thatha wanted to add Black Sesame Purin into Java Japa menu, but the cost will be too high. There are so many desserts can be made with black sesame, including: ice cream, mousse cake, madeleines, and so on. blacksesamemadeleines1 japanese_cuisine_pic7

I think Riri would love this black sesame macarons16129fbeca7e167b1d4f253846e49515