Prasmanan Syukuran Ibu Novi @ Caffe The Tha Bekasi

We recently launched a catering brand called Le Zatha, which collaborates with Caffe The Tha to cater heavy meals for bigger groups. The brand Le Zatha comes from the phrase ‘Lezat ala Bertha‘. The word ‘lezat’ means delicious, and ‘tha’ is my nickname. The brand has not been trademarked yet, and here are the options for the logo. I picked light green as the colour theme, as the the colour light green represents healthy, fresh, natural, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the colour light green symbolises farming, such as vegetables, herbs, olive oil.

Le Zatha held the first event last Wednesday at Caffe The Tha, Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi, to celebrate syukuran for Ibu Novi. 20141210_111322

Yang Chow Fried Rice 20141210_120514

Ayam Rica Rica 20141210_120526

Udang Goreng Mayonnaise & Sapi Lada Hitam (Black Pepper Beef) 20141210_120542

Spring Roll & Kailan Saus Tiram

Ice Lemon Tea 20141210_101010

Custard Pudding 20141210_100623 20141210_111948 20141210_121923 20141210_120856

Caffe The Tha Pontianak

New menu is coming to town! Caffe The Tha offers 10 new menu this month:

  1. (Beverage – Ice Blended) Cookies & Cream Frappe: ice blended with creamy Oreo 
  2. (Beverage – Ice Blended) The Tha Milkshake: ice blended with fresh mixed berries 
  3. (Beverage – Traditional Coffee) Kopi Kocok: traditional brewed coffee layered with egg and evaporated milk 
  4. (Beverage – Tea) Love at Aegean Sea Iced Tea: iced blueberry tea, matches with the colour of beautiful Aegean Sea 
  5. (Dessert) Egg Pudding Parfait: custard pudding layered with cereal crumbs, topped with ice cream and fresh cream 
  6. (Dessert) I Scream Scoop Matcha: homemade matcha ice cream 
  7. (Morsels) Mushroom In Aquarium: crispy mushroom 
  8. (Main Course) The Tha Fried Rice: fried rice wrapped in an omelette, topped with ikan teri (tiny crispy fish), served with peanut sauce dressings 
  9. (Main Course) Locupan Curry: Locupan is Chinese short noodle made of rice flour, similar to kwetiau but different in shape, which is also called “Ciam Bi Ie”. It is stir fried in curry sauce. 
  10. (Main Course) Spaghetti Jambalaya: spaghetti dressed in marinara sauce and topped with ikan asin jambal roti (salty fish) 

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.00.26 AM
20140909_094732 20140909_09481920140909_105634 copy

TheTha make ThaTha smile

It has been about three months since the last time I visited the first outlet of Caffe The Tha in Transera Waterpark, Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi. I miss the crews over there.

I had a cup of cappuccino prepared by Faruq, one of The Tha baristas. It is a bear with a bandana.


I had a great time chatting with the crews. Surprisingly, one of the crews who just came back from his village brought a special gift for me – handmade keychain.  20140822_114937-1This personalised little gift meant a lot to me. It made me smile.

TheTha make ThaTha smile




A Dream Came True

It’s certainly not easy to turn a dream into reality; it is much easier to daydream. Once you make it happen, it is even much harder to maintain it. You need extra patience, care and persistency.

The Tha Timeline
6 April 2014: Grand Opening of Caffé The Tha Bekasi
20 June 2014: Soft Opening of Caffé The Tha Pontianak

Here are some pictures on the soft opening of Caffé The Tha Pontianak




Cutting the ribbon by Thatha


Slicing the tumpeng by Mr. Rudy