Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan (revisit)

I never get bored coming to Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan, as there is always something new to find out here, such as the upside down coffee serving. It turns out that not only black coffee can be served this way, but also coffee with condensed milk (kopi susu).

20141216_074414 20141216_074647

Soft-boiled Egg 20141216_075256

However, I was very disappointed at the attitude of the owner one time. I had black coffee that cost IDR 8.000, and I paid with fifty thousand bill. The owner said in an unfriendly tone that it was too early to have change for my bill, and he just ignored me. His staff then asked me if I have a BCA card.


EGGsperiment Breakfast

Changing Variables:

  1. Bread
  2. Egg
  3. Seasoning

Experiment 1

Bread: Yin Yang bread (whole wheat with black & white sesame) from Garden Bakery, pan fried

Egg: omelet

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141119_060808Comment on result: the bread was soggy

Experiment 2

Bread: Whole wheat from homemade Bakery, toasted for 5 minutes

Egg: soft boiled

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141125_055722-5 min20141121_060757 copy

Comment on result: the Hello Kitty toasts were too burnt

Experiment 3

Bread: Homemade Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: beaten, microwaved for 30 seconds

Seasoning: ginger brown sugar & black pepper >> meant to be chai 20141129_063641 - 3 min
20141127_064822-beaten, micro 30 sec

Comment on result: the toasts were nicely toasted, but losing the Hello Kitty shape; next step experiment with complete chai spices

Experiment 4

Bread: whole wheat from La Mouette Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: unbeaten, microwaved for 45 seconds

Seasoning: Lemon Togarashi

20141130_07021420141130_070731-micro 45sec

Comment on result: the best bread; 30 seconds of microwave should result in runnier egg yolk  

Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 5

The schedule for day 5 was to travel around the city of Manado and visited some tourist attractions. Thatha requested to try Nasi Jaha, so our guide took us to Rumah Kopi Billy, a traditional coffee shop that serves coffee and some snacks. 20141029_075616 20141029_075633

The traditional coffee shops in Manado look similar to those in Pontianak, and maybe this particular coffee shop, Rumah Kopi Billy, has the same reputation as Warung Kopi Asiang in Pontianak. 

Nasi Jaha (Ginger Rice) 20141029_075657

Lalampa – similar to lemper 20141029_080341

Half-boiled egg and black coffee 20141029_080725

The grandma as the cashier; she was very quick and accurate.


Franky wanted to try Bubur Manado, so our guide took us to the second breakfast place: Dego Dego Manado Cafe, which looks much fancier. 20141029_08222520141029_082336

I tried the chestnut layered cake since the colour was very vibrant. The cake was quite nice, not too sweet. It’s not so easy to find pastries with chestnut in Jakarta. 20141029_083028 20141029_083118

Since almost every customer orders Bubur Manado, the waitress came with a cart loaded with many bowls of Bubur Manado. 20141029_084113

To add protein to the Bubur Manado, we ordered Nike Goreng (Nike Fritters) and Cakalang Goreng (Deep Fried Skipjack Tuna).  Both “Nike” and “Cakalang” are types of fish. Nike Goreng contains ubi bete (taro / yam). 20141029_084335 20141029_084501After breakfast, we went to Bukit Kasih in Kawangkoan, which is the symbol of unity of five different religions in Indonesia. Just like the Great Wall of China, there are stairways along the mountain of Bukit Kasih. However, the weather was heavily cloudy and started to rain, so we didn’t finish the trail that required approximately 1.5 hours. Sadly, this place is kind of abandoned, the area looked dry and dirty, which could be why not many tourists are willing to go there. 20141029_113248 20141029_113309There’s a legendary coffee shop with its famous bakpao in Kawangkoan, near Bukit Kasih: Rumah Kopi Gembira. The menu is quite simple just like other traditional coffee shops, such as drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks), biapong (steamed buns), roti bakar (toasts), pia (pie) and eggs. 20141029_12072420141029_12080920141029_12083520141029_121015

We ordered the two kinds of biapong (steamed buns): Biapong Ba (Pork Steamed Bun) and Biapong Temo (Black Sweetened Beans Steamed Bun). Biapong is Manado word for “bakpao“. 20141029_121155

The steamed buns with pink dots are the Biapong Ba, whereas the bigger bun is the Biapong Temo.


At first I ordered hot tea, but the tea was tasteless, so I ordered another cup of black coffee.

The steaming process and the interior of the coffee shop are very traditional, which might invoke nostalgic feeling to all customers.
20141029_123501There’s a famous coffee shop in Kelapa Gading Jakarta called Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan, which has a very similar concept to this one. I guess the owner of the one in Jakarta is originated from Kawangkoan, Manado, where Rumah Kopi Gembira is.

After visiting Kawangkoan, we went to see the traditional house of Minahasa called Rumah Panggung Woloan. It is very interesting since the structure of the house is made of knock-down woods, which means you just need to purchase a land and stick this structure onto it. The house comes in many different sizes, and you may customise the number of bedrooms according to your needs. I couldn’t take good pictures since it was raining heavily. 20141029_142848

There’s a second largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world located in Citraland Manado. The world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ is in Brazil. 20141029_152045 20141029_152220We went to the hippest shopping mall in Manado: Manado Town Square (Mantos). Judging from the tenants, interior and traffic of the mall, I think Manado is far more developed than Pontianak. 20141029_165823 20141029_170415The chain coffee shops, such as Excelso, Dante and Black Canyon had already entered Manado, whereas in Pontianak, you can only find Excelso. The Excelso in Mantos was one of the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. 20141029_170109

Cooking Mama is Back

After half a year breakfasting outside, I finally had breakfast at home this morning. I just realised how much I missed my mum’s cooking. Today, she made a traditional Pontianak dish, the purple taro (yam) soup. The tempe goreng was a bit salty, maybe because she hasn’t cooked for a while. Hihihi. Thank you, Mami!
20141003_074749 20141003_074835

Porridge Oats

Annie recommended me a good porridge oats produced by CitySuper, which tastes very differently from the most commonly seen oat brand, Quaker. Other than oats, there are many varieties of muesli, such as cranberry Delight, Apple & Apricot Muesli, All Fruit Muesli, Swiss Style Muesli, and Fruit Crunch Muesli. 20140917_185401

I divided the 500 gram of porridge oats to three containers; one for Riri, another one for Steven as birthday present and the last one for me. I used the honey container from Jeju Island Korea for Riri’s portion. Maybe Riri can use the oats to make granola bars hihihi…  20140922_073139

Steven eats a big bowl of Quaker oatmeal every morning, so I thought this healthy food would be a very good birthday gift for him. 20140922_073324

I made use of fancy Japanese masking tape tool to print out the cute labels for the oat gifts.
20140918_212604 20140918_213720

Annie’s Home Sweet Home

Start the day with Five Greens Detox Juice: Green Apple, Green Pepper, Bitter Gourd, Cucumber, and Celery.
Here is the healthy recipe.

Then, warm your tummy with a bowl of oatmeal, topped with raspberry and blueberry.


These simple breakfast felt so special since we could enjoy the view of Kowloon harbour and bridge from the 47th floor apartment, as well as the club house of the apartment complex. The sky is a little bit dark due to typhoon season, but it’s a view that I cannot see in Jakarta.



This is the view when the sky is bright.
imageThe facility in the compound is unbelievable. There is a wall-climbing area.


Healthy In A Hurry Breakfast


Riri solved my breakfast issue couple days ago. He came up with a very simple recipe to turn a boring oatmeal into an amazing breakfast choice.  The secret ingredient is ginger candy20140903_130330I put two kinds of ginger candy into my oatmeal dish, both of them are from Riri. The bigger sliced ginger is bought from Carrefour, and the small cube ones are from New Zealand.

Sunday Breakfast

It feels great to start my Sunday morning in my room, with a cup of hot black coffee and some sweets. Today, I had Azuki Dorayaki and Matcha Madeleine bought from Cosmo Japanese Grocery last night. I really liked them both, especially the Matcha Madeleine. I tasted good quality matcha ingredient. 

 20140817_070135-1 copy

Cosmo Bakery offers four flavours of Dorayaki: Cheese, Nutella, Azuki, and Chocolate. 20140816_185508

There were also 2 types of Madeleine: Mini and Standard, and also 2 flavours: vanilla and matcha.



I am encouraged to try to bake madeleine (maybe mispelled as madelline in the bakery) using Martha Stewart’s Madeleines 101 and Eugenie Kitchen

L’Avenue – The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage is a new boutique hotel located in Menteng. I like the white interior of this hotel, looks very clean and peaceful. 20140809_07174820140809_072048

Since the occupancy rate is still very low, the breakfast at its French restaurant called L’Avenue is set as a la carte instead of buffet.

20140809_071810 20140809_071818My boyfriend and I have different preferences for morning beverage. I am a coffee person, so I ordered Hot Cappuccino. The cappuccino is made from the Illy machine, decorated with cinnamon powder in the shape of H – the logo of the Hermitage Hotel.


My boyfriend ordered orange juice. The juice is very fresh, a perfect mixture of sour and sweet. The colour is bold orange, like the colour of jeruk Pontianak, but it has the sourness of sunkist.



For appetizer, we got a basket of croissant.20140809_072845 20140809_071844

I was in the mood for Indonesian, so I ordered Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge). The yellow soup tastes like Soto Ayam, maybe it is the same soup used for Soto Ayam menu. I liked the chilli paste and emping.


My boyfriend had Western breakfast: Three Egg Omelette and Hash brown. The hash brown was crispy.

20140809_074159 20140809_074205They have a private room.


There is a lounge opposite to the restaurant, also decorated with pictures of Javanese lady.20140809_08051120140809_08051820140809_080459