Maison Ikkoku

 Arab Street is an interesting neighbourhood in Singapore that is filled with rows of cafes and restaurants.  I wanted to visit Maison Ikkoku partially because it is rated as top coffee roaster in Singapore, but my bigger reason is that the name sounds very Japanese and I expected to find some Japanese elements for inspiration. The facade of the cafe looks more European than Japanese. 20141229_134941 20141229_135002

The menu is very simple and neat, just like how small Japanese cafes usually are. I only see one Japanese element on the menu, the Wasabi Egg. 20141229_135422 20141229_135432

The interior design leans toward industrial design, as pipes are lined against the walls with light bulbs attached. The distinct design element is wardrobes on the ceiling. My mum imagined how chaotic it would be if the wardrobes fall off and hit any customers. 20141229_13561820141229_135626

20141229_13581520141229_141208The space of the bar counter is quite small and the counter is only painted black without any decorations or patterns. 20141229_14134620141229_135648The showcase at the bar counter displays several cakes that change seasonally. When I was there, they have Milo Nutella, Caramel Red Velvet, White Chocolate Peppermint, Molten Lava Cake and Grape Vitagen. 20141229_135824The Grape Vitagen cake is quite innovative, as it consists of layers of peanut butter and jelly between moist grape Vitagen cake. Perhaps Riri would try this Vitagen cake since Riri loves to drink Yakult. thumb_600

Both my mum and my brother ordered Hot Chocolate, but the two cups of Hot Chocolate appear with slightly different latte art. The top one is my brother’s, and the bottom one is my mum’s. The tulip latte art on my mum’s cup has more clear strokes. 20141229_140322 20141229_140344

I ordered Piccolo Latte. My dad wanted to drink traditional black coffee with condensed milk, but this cafe doesn’t have such combination as it focuses on espresso-based coffee. In the end, my dad had a cup of Hot Americano with extra fresh milk and sugar. 20141229_140723


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